~A Fresh Start~

“Photography is my way of touching and grabbing a feeling to capture it forever on film. An art, an obstruction of peace sometimes, but it symbolizes a craft I must engage in. I may not be the best at it, but it gives me great enjoyment.” ~ Kathleen Jennette~

One of the current cameras at hand.

One of the current cameras at hand.

 It is a start of a new journey for me.  I have been blogging for several years now at Life’s Ride As I See It and have made many friends from it’s readers.  It was a start from the love of a beginner motorcycle rider, and the world that existed when I rode more than now.  It came to a point where I seemed to hit a block when  I was joined by too many who had the same love and I just couldn’t write anymore.  I instead ventured into taking more photographs, as my side hobby is, and fell into a realm of the whole picture which brought me to this.  The blog(s) have morphed from Life’s Ride to As I See It Daily.  A bit confusing for those who are following from Blogger, but I needed to find a good niche.  With WordPress and it’s speed and convenience for mobile, I ended up here with a fresh departure and new journey.

I am beginning with new cameras, new education in learning how to use them, and a new perspective on posting a general content with the thought of looking back and seeing if any improvement has become of myself.  Blogging is a zen for me and putting this blog out there is a good source of reality and how far I can a take good empowerment to a life’s work.  I am lucky to still post comments on blogs I have read for the past 10 years and hold close my friendships with those. They are why we blog… and that is to communicate.  I am looking forward to reading more blogs, commenting, and “like”ing.

Know All That You Dream Is Doable~ Katy Did~

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