“Panoramas are the stitching together of the scenes of life’s givings” ~Katy Did


The Silverado Canyon is beautifully situated in the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County, California. It has a rich history of silver mining, timber harvesting, and even coal mining. If you look hard enough you can find fossils still in the area.  Many creeks and hiking trails can be found throughout the hills and people enjoy the serenity that mother nature provides here.
It was an artist colony at one time and still hosts a country fair once a year.  The Historic town of Silverado is situated in the canyon itself and is a perfect place to stop and refresh at the Silverado Cafe before moving on to seek out more trails, and in my case, photographs.
A ride, drive, or even a bicycle ride on a beautiful day this time of year will provide your eyes with quite a few colors starting to peep out from Winter.  The terrain is classic California painted with Oak trees and wildflowers.  Yes, beware of the locals, as in snakes and big kitty cats. This is their territory.  Even though the signs of human takeover is at hand… it is their land so be wise.


The Canyon has been a “go to” place since my introduction to our Orange County hills back in the ’70’s, so it is no surprise that this class assignment delivered me there.

The Photographs:
 The photos here are produced from that creative gig that digital cameras allow.  You may have noticed it is the same photograph.  After shooting several photos for one panorama and stitching them together, there seemed to be no choice but to see what outcome was best liked. These three were saved by the delete button.


The lens is endless in the canyon and it makes me happy just to have this in my own backyard.

I hope you enjoyed these renditions.  My fave of all is the bottom one, probably because I have a good hankering for Early California paintings.

Photo Location:
Orange County, California
Thanks for stopping in.  Til next time…

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