~Cloudy Day~

“Clouds are not a dark place for me in the sky. They are a big fluff of beautiful constant change to admire and lay eyes on.” ~Katy Did

It is said it will rain today here in Southern California. It hasn’t yet.
We have had such a horrible drought here, Californians are eager to have it pour.

In the meantime,
waiting on it brought in a stellar sky to get a little hit of HDR on.

Today’s grouping is entitled,
~The Sky On A Cloudy Day~

Clouds are just beautiful to look at and gaze into.
When they arrive over tree tops the beauty is astounding.
Today all shapes and sizes were abound. As you can see, I am experimenting with the in camera HDR…not sure I like it yet, but I am hoping to show a comparison in the future on this study.
Photo Location:
Orange County, California
 Thanks for stopping in.  Til next time…

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