~Faces In Black & White~

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” ~ Ted Grant

The above photos captured moments of
beauty, endurance, strength, remembering, heroism, and friendship
for a new series called Black & White.
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  1. Your photos are awesome. The black and white medium is so much more artistic! ♥

  2. Beautiful. They truly capture the essence of a moment.

  3. I love these. My favorite is 'strength'!

  4. Yes. You are so right. Taking out the color lets everyone who sees it make their own take on it. Thanks for stopping in to comment 🙂

  5. There's something about black and white photography that gives a picture so much more depth.

  6. Thank you Holli! I'm so glad you got the connections. That is always satisfying.

  7. This pictures are wonderful!! I liked the captions and it nailed the photos to a T!
    I can see the ruggedness in their face and spirit.

  8. Thank you Stephanie!

  9. So much character captured in each face. Nice!

  10. Thank you very much. There are moments to be told.

  11. Agree. I get a little more emotion from B & W.

  12. Love these pictures!! I also love the captions because you captured it in spades!!

  13. I like the black and white medium. Color is very pretty, but sometimes it distracts us from other traits.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

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