~Squirrel Snacks~

A couple of weeks ago I heard noises in the Giant Bird of Paradise from the yard next door.  Looking up it was our friendly neighborhood Squirrel having a snack on its seeds.

The squirrel had a pretty good spot to sit on while having a gourmet lunch.

After discovering the camera Squirrel got a little suspicious but continued snacking.

Taking a break while still keeping an eye on me.

He could use a napkin at this point.

I just love this guy’s little hands.  You can see the seed in it.

This guy hops from tree to tree in my backyard.  I hear him in the morning and evening eating seeds from all the surrounding trees.

With his little paw tucked under him, he took a last look at me and ran down the tree.

Camera: 7D Mark II

Lens:  Canon 70-200mm

Location:  Orange County, CA

Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time…

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