~Tea Walks-1~ 


“Tea Walks” is me walking with a cup of tea and a camera…sometimes with a coffee too…or that night-time martini.  In either case, I take a camera even if it is my phone, which is a lot easier sometimes. I am adding my Tea Walks to the blog here for fun.

Today, I discovered the mushrooms growing in the lawn.  The sod is new and evidently gets these little guys.  They popped up all over.

The crowd begins to grow…


…and I discovered the mushrooms growing in the mulch.


As pretty as nature is.

Taken with a Samsung S5 (I know I have to update), but the fun is off the cuff for me.

Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time…

Responses to “~Tea Walks-1~ ”

  1. Great walk you had. The images are so fresh ❤


    1. Thank you very much, yes I just love walking around and taking it all in. Thanks again.

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  2. They are like little lampshades! Lovely.


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