~Tea Walks-2~

The Nesting Tree

Taking another tea walk and discovering this gem was a delight.  A full-sized nest in a tree that has its own character was found walking with my brother on the property during our morning tea/coffee walk.  We take a jaunt together and talk about life givings daily, and coming upon this seemed perfect in our discussions of the morn.  It seems like nature is our element to connect to life and he has come upon quite a few abandoned nests.  I am getting a little collection from the trees which were fire burned a few years ago and since been abandoned.  Some still smell of smoke.  This one seems to be giving some life still and we appreciate the size of it. Most are small hummingbird nests.  This one is quite larger and is mud packed with larger twigs.

A nest deep into the center of a tree.
The tree.  At the very top, the nest can be seen.  Below the trunk is a character of greatness.  It looks as if there is a tree growing within.

The inside, or rather outside, the tree’s trunk shows it’s unusual character.   Although not a large tree compared to the surrounding oaks, the tree holds the nest as if it owned the land in whole.  I am not sure whether a disease played a part in the tree’s look, but I do love the way nature has its own course on our plants.  To me, it almost looks as if a stake is embedded in it from the past.  Maybe?

All sorts of twining involved here.  It is a sophisticated complicated engineering feat.
In the midst of a very comfortable spot for any bird, the nest is cradled by the tree’s branches as if it was it’s God Mother.

Tea walks have become a daily zen.  I enjoy discovering this and that’s.  Take a discovery walk and listen to what you see.   Have fun.  Enjoy the walk.  Get inspired.

A nice cozy hugging spot for any #nesting #bird and it’s babies.  Reinforced with a mud pack, this nest is a hearty one for future residents.  A leaf is left where next year’s eggs will be…at least that is the plan, and I am looking forward to posting baby chicks come Spring.  I purposely did not touch the nest.  The old wives tale of not touching nests, whether true or not, sticks with me so I don’t cross that line unless I know it has been completely abandoned.  Any truth to that is unknown to me.  Better safe than sorry.

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