Has Thanksgiving come and gone?  Maybe so the holiday, but the thought should be a standard.  Family and friends have endured the turkey feast with love and now it is time to go on to the next holiday with full bellies and full hearts for the upcoming season of giving.

The Fall is about to leave us all for this year and move into Winter even though the cold has arrived with snow in many places.  But the lingering of the colors of Fall are one of my favorite things to savour each year and to be thankful for, even when they have fallen off their branches of life.

The vines have wrapped about the cement seating in the yard and also have lost their leaves to an artistry of twisted roots.  I don’t pull these off the seating.  The character of the plant is as important now in the late Fall as in the Springtime when this seat will be covered in green.


“Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own.”
~Charles Dickens

Still receiving color from the bulbs and other floras planted, this contrast on the ground from above is a beautiful discovery.  This is the first Fall being on the property full time and finding these little surprise pops of color are why I love my walks here.

The Sycamore trees are manysycamore1sized-s-1-of-1.  About six of them have been transplanted to other parts of the yard for survival sake of the great Oaks.  They were growing underneath them, so a few now have their own places in the sun on the hill.  This one is mature enough where digging the roots may kill it, so it stays put.  It will remain in the Oak forest.
vase1sized-s-1-of-1The leaves are abundant and used as decorations for Thanksgiving around the house.  I am hoping that they root and am able to plant more and make a Sycamore forest on the hill for years of
gathering the leaves.  Their color seems to last a very long time so using them around the house in vases is a nice way to watch them go through the color wheel.

Nature’s bounty alone is a beautiful giving, but the family and friends who joined us on Thanksgiving Day to share the love of conversation, laughs and, of course, food is priceless, and that is what Thanksgiving Day is all about.  We are able to join together and receive the love of bounty nature has for us.

So, we go on to a new season of giving and colors given by Mother Nature with pleasure.


The Holly berries are a good sign for Winter’s call.

Thanks for stopping in.  Til next time…






Responses to “~Thanksgiving~”

  1. Beautiful photos!! Wow! I am inspired. Thank you!


  2. I am so happy that you came to my blog recently as I had lost track of you. Beautiful pictures. Happy Late Thanksgiving. Hope I don’t lose you again!!


    1. You never lost me, I just got caught up in the demolition of 2 houses. Ughgh. Will be looking forward to your reads.


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