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fb_img_1481261809537Receiving a gift is a  beauty in itself, and receiving a hand-made gift from a friend, is just beyond beautiful.

Mr. Michael Peck is a master of wood and is obsessed with creating from it not only an alluring sight for the eyes but functional pieces of art. I have been an admirer of his work for some time now and was thrilled when he presented me with this magnificently sculpted bowl from his artistic soul on Thanksgiving Day.  He has been making beautiful pieces for decades and has come to the place in life where he enjoys the leisure as an artist at work instead of “having to do”, and because of this, he has created some exceptionally beautiful items.  This peace of mind has produced works from rocking horses as gifts for his grandchildren, coffee tables, and to items like this beautiful bowl featured here.

The quality of this bowl is undeniable and when taking photos, the smoothness of the wood can be seen by the shine.  The grains are also a trademark beauty to the eye.  Each piece meticulously set by hand and machined to perfection.   This bowl is not only crafted from wood but details an inset of turquoise on the rim of the bottom.  Details such as the inset of crushed gems set this artist apart from others.


The bowl consists of several levels of Sapala and Hard Rock Maple woods.  The adornment of this beautiful stripe at the bottom of the bowl is of grounded turquoise.


Such preciseness has gone into making this piece, that it gives off an optical illusion of pointed sides but, indeed, is a round bowl with the signature of Michael Peck at the bottom.


Here, you can see the impact of the combinations of wood that make the optical illusion.

Being a friend has it’s perks.  I have joined him at one of his favorite wood hamlets and have seen the look of his *mad man at large* staking out the next piece of wood for a future design.

He has introduced timber I have never seen or heard of and has helped educate me on what may look the better in my home remodel.  Michael’s knowledge of wood is enormous and it shows in the quality of work such as the pairings of different trees to make harmony in the end result.

Working out of home is  “zen” so to speak to Mr. Peck.  His work maintains an equilibrium of old style hand working with the modern mechanics of machinery.  Below is a slideshow showing photographs taken from the bowl’s inception to the end result that his wife Karen photographed in process.  They show the patience needed for success.

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A View From Above


The woodwork is not only a piece of art but a future heirloom to be passed down for decades to come.  At the moment I am using this bowl to show off some special ornaments for the holidays then when empty, a function will set in with a good Caesars Salad in the future.  For myself, this form and function is the beauty of the bowl.

While maintaining normalcy in his life Michael enjoys getaways riding his Harley Davidson with his wife Karen.  His dog Rusty is by his side loyally at home and on RV trips, and probably slurps from one of his bowls while dreaming of chasing intruding animals while Dad is working.

Michael Peck’s resume presently includes the prestigious Virga Gallery located in Laguna Beach at 305 N. Coast Highway where several of his bowls are on display and ready to take home.  If you are in town, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

I am grateful to have Michael as a friend and this bowl will be a trademark conversation piece at my home on display not only as a piece of art but at the dinner table too.


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  2. What amazing craftsmanship!

  3. A beautiful bowl Kathy!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words. My story in your blog is such a “grand present” for me. Becoming an heirloom as you mentioned in your piece is what I hoped when I gave it to you. All the best to You and Yours! MP


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