~Day 1 Of 365 Days~

1 of 365

It Is A New Year

The silhouette of Expansion reaching out into the skies.
The colors Encourage them with Strength as though
nothing can stop the uprising.
Nothing can.
It is all Brand new.
All is available to
Branch out and become Empowered . ~Katy Did~

#365Days is a challenge to myself to post once a day for some reason or another.  I won’t be  posting here .  I’m giving a few blog posts here while the other site is getting up so  below is where to follow:  Hope you join me!

365 Days will be posting over  at  www.365daysblog.com

Photo blogging just for the heck of it.

Thanks for stopping in.  Til Next Time.

Responses to “~Day 1 Of 365 Days~”

  1. Love the black branches silhouetted against the purple skies and the way the sun and blue sky there at the bottom almost looks like a rainbow.


  2. A beautiful picture. I love pictures of trees and the sky! Happy New Year Kathy!


    1. Happy New Year to you Paula!


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