~An Intro to ~3 Of 365 Days~

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Hey There Peeps~ Giving you all a heads up.   This is the last post of 365 Days here on this blog.  It has now it’s own page.  Click the link above to check it out daily at 365 Days  www.365daysblog.com

That is Miss Zowie as I call her.  She has the run of the yard and she never fails to come up and get her “cookies” from me. Murray just loves her but she isn’t too interested in him. She likes to stay in eye contact with her Dad who comes over to visit us.wall-1-of-1

Today, the pony wall got finished.  Ran out of epoxy though, but its going to work out just fine.  Filled the area with DG and soon it will be ready for a table and chairs.  Can check this off the list now.

Zowie, Murray, walls, cookies and fun.
A dog’s world indeed.


#365Days is a challenge to myself to post once a day for some reason or another.  I won’t be  posting here .  I’m giving a few blog posts here while the other site is getting up so  below is where to follow:  Hope you join me!

365 Days will be posting over  at  www.365daysblog.com

Photo blogging just for the heck of it.

Thanks for stopping in.  Til Next Time.


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  1. Nice post…a good dog it is…❤❤


  2. I love my dog too!

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  3. What a beautiful dog!

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