My Thoughts Today.

10-2-17-1 (1 of 1)As all Americans, the Las Vegas murders have got me down.  This is a horrible episode in our Country’s life.  Tragic, and it is hard to comprehend this has happened again in America and again, from within.  In like manner, I am still scratching my head of this president posting on Twitter instead of immediately making an appearance on news and radio last night when this nation needs a leader.  The moment counts. Many do not use the internet and again, he locked out countless Americans.  He is genuinely persistent in shutting doors on Americans, even in times of tragic sorrow as last night’s shootings.

What happened last night is something to question for a very long time.  So many need to account for how this happened.

We are all of different beliefs here in America and to those killed of other faiths not mentioned in any recital speech from the President today, I pray for them all.

10-2-17-5 (1 of 1)

This is a heartbreaking episode for Americans and I just wish we had a President who could get off his ass and console/inform America in these tragic times of emergencies instead of staying home and passing a memo off in twitterville.  Waiting a good 12 hours after an American tragedy is just a bit too late to look at this guy with any hope or substance.

This is not making America great again.  No Sir.  It is not.  People are dead.  We need answers and some comforting words may have helped last night from our leaders.

Condolences to those families and to those who lost their loved ones yesterday.  I am so sorry.  I am praying and holding you close in my thoughts.

Til next time…

18 replies to “~Thoughts~

  1. Wonderful post–I share your sincere heartache, both for the tragedies which continue to rob us and instill fear and mistrust; and also that our “leader” seems to reside on another planet… I continue to shake my head, speechless… God bless you and your family.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts. I believe I can understand our new leader’s fondness for tweeting and for all the social networks. His friends in Russia used our social networking in America to give him the votes needed to win. They used social networks to villainize and victimize Hillary Clinton. What a Sad year for this nation last year. I recall a lot of that crap that was on Facebook. I said to myself there’s no one in their right mind could believe all those LIES. It looks like they did. What does that say for our intelligence as voters?

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