~Dirty Birds~

We have a nest and a family of swallows.  I’m pretty sure they are swallows anyway. Here, the two adults are building and exchanging mud beak duty for Sunday Stills.

I just love the animal life here *minus the rattlers..ugh don’t like the snakes, nope*. Every year this nest comes back. I am not too keen on the workings of the swallow’s nest, but each year I get one right above the doorway…mud and all.

I love my Dirty Birds.

Til next time…

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  1. I love your photos. We get swallows, house martins and swifts every year here in Yorkshire, England. Sometimes they have two lots of chicks. . Nests are built on top the burglar alarm bell, the guttering, inside the stables and the barn.They are very difficult to tell apart unless you see the whole body close up.I think it’s the swallows that prefer to be inside the stable and barn.

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  2. These are amazing!

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  3. Fascinating! Lovely sequence.

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  4. Swallows are hard to shoot (with a camera)! Nice photos of #feathered friends and glad to see these smart birds building their nest in a decent spot! Thanks for linking to #SundayStills!

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  5. you should put a video camera up to record them building!

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