~Squares (Roofs)~

birds (1 of 1)

Number 4 and the last one of the Squares Challenge.

From my porch.  The Dirty Birds have nested under the roof and have made my porch a mess… *daily clean-up not pretty, egg shells and poopskis everywhere*.  I can hear the little tykes chirping away but no sign of Mommy or Daddy, but I do see them flying about so they must be inside doing the feeding.

The Life Of B and her Month Of Squares is hosting #RoofSquares. There is one rule… the main photo must be square.  You can check her rules out at The Life Of B.

Til the next challenge…

  1. […] Thanks to Gilly we’ve had plenty of variety and Tales from the Lens found wonderful roofs under rooves […]

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  2. ooh i really really like this, and it works so well in B&W. Wonderful roof shot, thank you

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  3. Having the birds around is fun. The mess….not so much!

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    1. …right on the front porch too and there’ nothing I can do about til they are toddlers and leave the nest.



  4. Just for the heck of it! I like that 🙂 🙂 And it makes a perfect Six word Saturday.

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