~It’s Nothing To Cry About~

A one-vote loss is nothing to cry about. In fact, it is good.  Simply stated one vote… is not a great win, indeed it is shameful for Americans to call it a win because of the issues at hand. I actually feel good today. We all knew he would be confirmed under this administration, that is nothing new. It just makes all those who backed him and voted for him pose even more dreadful.  It actually is a beautiful day in America, and I am not feeling Americonned. The swamp thickens, however, and unfortunately. So …

I am steadfast forward with the thought of my Great Aunt Carrie who was an independent back in her day and keeping in mind those women in my family and yours who moved mountains to be able to vote in this country.  Many women who marched were beaten, jailed, and even died for the sake of being heard and treated equally in this country.  In my lifetime alone, the 50’s, 60’s, ’70s and even today women were and are still not equal in the workplace.  I recollect not being able to wear pants to school and having to get on my knees on the asphalt to have a man measure how far up my skirt hem was from my knees, and I remember a phone booth where a guy pushed me in and molested me in high school… in front of his friends, and I never told anyone about it.  I remember him, that day and how I never wanted to go back after it, but I do remember that to this day. It is unforgettable.

So I am with Ford and those women “coming out” and being brave in their pasts in order to protect the future.  I march forward with a backbone finally to exhale the bad and make it good.  And I will remember why my Aunt Carrie was such a trooper and if asked why I feel the same honor today to carry on as she did yesterday my answer would be the same as hers:

Til next time…

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