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After a nine-month break, it feels good to come back to the blogs. Starting in January I’m getting back into 365 Days (a photo a day) and a once-a-month post right here on Tales From My Lens. It’s been so long that I’d even forgotten how to upload from the phone which is what I really needed to keep in check but I failed having not posted. It took a few moments to get the hang of it again and I noticed a couple of new additions to the upload on WordPress which may be a helpful item.

It has been very busy this year and I’m glad it’s finally slowing down a bit, and I’m looking forward to blogging and getting reconnected with some of my photobloggers, traveling bloggers and much more. I hope all had a wonderful holiday and wishing Happy New year to everyone.

**I uploaded a pic of my little Murray via the phone. It generally works well except the centering is off and I have to get on the desktop to re-align. In any case, the Murman has it over Paul Bunyon any day, and he is on display anytime for those who like to be dog-hugged.

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Kathleen Jennette

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