~Once There Was A Princess~

A new spot in the garden for little houses is on the build.  This past month has been a productive one with the porch building and while the 19 caissons are being drilled for that thing, I am grateful to have some time on my hands.  And, because I have time on my hands and don’t like to waste life’s givings, hillsides are being flattened for little princesses and princes to enjoy the yard.   That is, a miniature garden *or at least that is the plan*.

Location Location Location

This part of the property is up a hill on the side and I like it there because of the shade.  I drink my afternoon coffee underneath the grand old Oak so this spot was a perfect fit to walk to.

The “Estates”.

This will be the plot for the Estate section.  I have collected a few houses and plan to make my own once these go in.  There’s plenty of room for anyone and there is a no size limit on Gnomes and Fairies. We do not discriminate.  We love all.

The framework and plots were determined.

The Temporary Workbench has been placed.

When I am done building this will be replaced with a tea table to rest at.

The old oak is going to provide the “Apartments”.  There are windows being installed, a walkway, flowers are yet to come and curtains.

Looking up the stairway is the doorway to The Fire Department.  So twigs were gathered and wired up.  We have very strong winds here so everything must be buckled down.  Mama, Papa & the Babies were moved in.

The Princess Fairy sleeps in the Old Oak overlooking it all.  They grow up so fast and become Queens to rule, so the more rest the better.

Murray was getting out of control and I have to keep a keen eye on him.  There is a lot of wildlife that would love to eat him up.  His spot was actually plotted and dug out first.  That way he could sleep and enjoy the outdoors with me without the worry of where he is.  He’s happy just being.

I think he likes it here.

The bed.  It has a ways to go, paint, new bedding, flora & fauna and lots of pillows with a canopy above it all for the summer and just because.  *dreaming*

After getting one house installed in the Estates planting has started.  It is on a slanted hill and very hard to stand upon, so it will take a while.  My back hurts after awhile.

I haven’t named them yet but each house will have its own design.  There is no HOA so no rules here.  We may change it all eventually. Looking down from above you can see the lot better.

Looking from below and straight into the gateway you can see the little house.

The Gazeebo for laid back days.

Tired feet.  Everyone needs rest even if they do have time on their hands.

I had to get down low to get this shot of Mr. Welcome.

It is always great to be able to have time to do something we all love.  And since this is a Fairy/Gnome garden I will make my first wish to everyone to enjoy life and to make sure to know that even Princesses grow into their own Queens and become the rulers of their life to make decisions even if that means to lose that baggage that has caused negative vibes in any way.   Princes should do the same, and as Kings make those decisions in life to determine the whole of tomorrow.  That has become my rule of life and I don’t look back, just forward.  In other words, this is a happy place set apart to just smile.

So, smile and be happy! Updates will be on the way.


The Queen *only because I am too old to be a Princess*  🙂

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