For this month’s The Squirrel’s One-to-three Photo Processing Challenge I have submitted the following post-edit processed photos. Using lightroom, Analog, Topaz, and adjustments thereto, the output is the result you see below.

I have been working on lighting and stills and just took a photo of couple of shells and started playing with them on various backgrounds. The above photo is a product of lighting, still shots, and desaturating color into a black and white photo. I left the margin for a 5×7 photo and you will see that in the photos post edited below as the margin was included in the editing.
This was taken into Analog & Topaz to use the Underwater preset. Then taken into Lightroom to dehaze and then add a bit of vibrance along with some additional clarity.
Here is the Abstract Funk from Topaz. Nothing else done to it but the preset itself. I liked the bright colors and it reminded me of diving in the ocean and seeing all the colors.
This is my favorite. After taking the original in Lightroom, I flipped it in photoshop. Negative saturation and -19 clarity. Looks like a little fish or alien hovering over the map.

Thanks for stopping in. I look forward to heading over to The Squirrell to check out other post edits.

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge

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