For this month’s The Squirrel Chase.com’s One-to-three Photo Processing Challenge I have submitted the following post-edit processed photos. Using lightroom, Analog, Topaz, and adjustments thereto, the output is the result you see below.

I have been working on lighting and stills and just took a photo of couple of shells and started playing with them on various backgrounds. The above photo is a product of lighting, still shots, and desaturating color into a black and white photo. I left the margin for a 5×7 photo and you will see that in the photos post edited below as the margin was included in the editing.
This was taken into Analog & Topaz to use the Underwater preset. Then taken into Lightroom to dehaze and then add a bit of vibrance along with some additional clarity.
Here is the Abstract Funk from Topaz. Nothing else done to it but the preset itself. I liked the bright colors and it reminded me of diving in the ocean and seeing all the colors.
This is my favorite. After taking the original in Lightroom, I flipped it in photoshop. Negative saturation and -19 clarity. Looks like a little fish or alien hovering over the map.

Thanks for stopping in. I look forward to heading over to The Squirrell Chase.com to check out other post edits.

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge

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  1. That fish is really an interesting. Love the variety of treatments you chose.

  2. I have not favourite, they are all wonderful. Weirdo last one, bright but not overbearing Funk, and the underwater one is really mysterious.

  3. The Topaz edit is cool – I think it would look good on a t-shirt or something like that

  4. I like the underwater version the most. Also an excellent use for that new image format on WordPress (not sure what you actually call it since I’m stubbornly sticking to Classic at the moment)!

  5. photo manipulation programs are a lot of fun to play with. You came out with some interesting results.


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