~One to Three~

For the month of April’s  The Squirrel’s One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge I have submitted the following post-edit processed photos. Using Lightroom and Topaz, and adjustments thereto, the output is the result you see below.

This photo was taken on a foggy morning and I have played with it several times.

Original Pre-Post Photo
Going into the artists’ presets and adjusting in the contrast, lighting and basics, this is that result.
Again, this time around it was playing with presets in Topaz and adjusting the saturation and dehazing. This isn’t too far off from the preset look. It gives a gloomy creepy feel. I may print it and put it on the wall for Halloween this year.
As always, I like to throw in the color, and this was available in a Lightroom Preset and then sent to Topaz for more fun.

Another fun month of playing around in post edits creating has come. Since I can’t draw a stick man, this is my favorite past time these days.

Thanks for stopping in. I look forward to heading over to The Squirrell to check out other post edits.

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge

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