~Polaroid One-Step Throwback~

I have been wanting to go retro on some photos lately with an instamatic just for the retro look and no post editing. Unlike my post on Peter’s Shadows where we dark-roomed our negatives as kids, this is instamatic and in-the-moment-now-fun. This new version of the Polaroid One Step was a fun camera back when and, while I passed by it in the store, I started thinking I kind of had to have it for old times sake.

They were sold out on the other colors/editions because, evidently there is a big resurgence tadoo over them *who knew*. It is a limited edition and I guess that doesn’t matter too much on these. For myself, it is a fun camera, so the Star Wars theme made no difference. They matched the price that Amazon had and took off $30, so I was happy with that, and besides I am going to look goofy to many eyes either way while using it.

My first pic was of Mr. Murray (of course), and the results are as retro as they were when I was a kid. As crazy as it sounds, I missed the smell of the film *probably cancerous anyway*, but it had to do with that memory of the instant cameras back when. The new film used with this, I-film, does not have that smell. In fact, it comes out with a protective covering which slips back into the camera for the next shot. No waving the the photo in the air, just putting it in a dark spot for 15 minutes for developing is all it takes then it is done.

The cover for the film ejects when the shot is taken and goes back when the film is removed from the camera. Do not pull the cover out. In this newer version that cover stays in camera.

A couple of things have been changed-up on this newer version. The film of course, double exposures can be taken, there is a timer, a USB cord is enclosed for battery boot-up, and the internal flash goes off automatically until it is turned off. The lighter the area the best for the photo. This camera likes the brighter rooms and light. The above shot of Murray was done with my impatience of not wanting to wait, so it was taken around 9:00 p.m. Hence, the flash eyes of the past instamatics. It still retains a simplicity that kids can even get into as maybe a future photographer. *I smiled when using it.*

Black and white film is on the way and there are 8 photos per pack, so planning the photos are important for saving $$. Going digital is best until the retro moment arises because of the price of film and also the bulk of the camera. It is really not a traveler.

One more thing, there is also no digital aspect to this camera at all except the booting USB cord for battery. No uploading or sharing. This is just old fashioned fun. You will have to take a photo of the photo to upload. It’s all about the instant-in-hand pic to make some memories to look at instead of a phone display.

This is going to be fun. *I think I need a station wagon now!*

Til next time…

Happy Tales To You.

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