~One To Three~

Welcome to The Squirrel Chase.com’s One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge for September 2021. I have submitted the following three post-edit processed photos to share in the challenge. Using Photoshop, Nik Collection, and Topaz with adjustments thereto, the output is the result you see below.

The Abbey-Original
The original went into Topaz to a present called Cave Dweller. Then back into Lightroom to work on the blue tones. Then we visited Photoshop to layer it with another gold gradient filter, then took down the opacity until it was to my liking. The result is above.
I like working with embossing. I used to make cards and I embossed many photos by hand before photoshop became popular so having this available in Photoshop for photographs is a lot of fun. This is the filter in Photoshop. Adding color, clarity, contrast, and a vignette to the photo the look above was the result. The only thing I would have liked to achieve is a bit more deepening of the embossing. *Must work on that*.
I felt a need to take the photo to a time before it was even thought of, so again it went into Nik for some desaturation, neutral copper effects, and borders. The above was the end result of that combination of edits.

If anyone just loves to create in post processing, shoot on over to The Squirrel Chase.com once a month for this fun bit of sharing artful editing in post.

Until next month when three more renditions come, thanks for stopping in.

Kathleen Jennette

One To Three

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  1. For me 1 and 2, particularly 1.

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