~Furniture Of The Past~

The Life Of B is hosting the Squares Challenge for the month of October. Instead of posting on the 365 Days Blog as in the past, the posts will be here once a week with 7 photos (one for each day of the week). Each photo represents a rendition of the word “Past” for this month of October Squares.

French Country

Different optics were used to bring out the romance of beautiful carvings in the woods. I can’t tell you which is handmade or machine made, but they show the antique beauty either way. I just know they are older than me by 4 times *ugh*.

I have said this before and I find it true – they don’t make furniture like they did back when. The craftsmanship is just not there anymore or very hard to find. These pieces have been around for 100-200 years and they are strong and heavy and useful to this day. I am very happy to be the caretaker of these pasts. I dread the thought of them being in a bin when I am gone from this earth…

Thanks for joining me in the Life Of B Squares Challenge of PastSquares.

Til next time…

Kathleen Jennette


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