Going into the archives of the never-ending past ancestry-search I decided to post some of the women that gave me my lineage. I won’t be posting stories yet about them because I had put it all away for a while and need to gather that info for a couple of them. I also am awaiting verification on a couple of the faces below. In the meantime, the photos of these women are surreal for me. It is like looking into a past library book with just faces and trying to figure out the stories.

Before I get started, the featured image is of my Great Aunt Carrie as a child.

This is one of the oldest ones I have. It is a tintype and because it was never archived correctly it has damage to it. I cropped and magnified it for this post. I plan to repair it soon with software and we will see how that turns out when done. She is sitting with a few children. I am 99.9% positive about who she is. She is a Great, however, I am awaiting verification and facts are the only thing I want to deal with when it comes to family ancestry. In any case, she looks worn and tired and I wonder how happy she was…
This is also a tintype and I just love the way her hair is done and how she looks so loving. Some of these women, I think, were afraid to smile or just had no reason to. This one has a small turned-up mouth and seems to love holding the child.
This is Norma Allen-Short. She has been verified. I have the wedding invitation and they married in San Francisco in 1884. I do have her wedding photo and other memorabilia and will write a post of her own later.
Here is Flora Short. This photo was taken in December 1961. She looks like she stepped out of a 1930s movie. She married Thomas Short who drowned while saving a life in 1871. I have a lot more information on this couple to be written.
This is also a prize to see for me. This was taken in San Francisco and consists of 3 generations of Great Grandmothers.

The Life Of B is hosting the Squares Challenge for the month of October. Each photo above in this post represents a rendition of the word “Past” for this month of October Squares. Some photos have been cropped to 1×1 for PastSquares. I hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time,

I am glad I am able to share a few of these photos. I know my family will be happy to see them and I do have the true non-fake facts finally about them on my family tree that I have been working on for over a decade. It is quite funny the legends that go down in ‘the land of family boasting history’ without any fact-checking. The fact-checking has been fun though, I have met many people from my family all over the world and am embarking to other countries to discover more so I guess that is a good tradeoff.

Kathleen Jennette


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