~One To Three~

Welcome to The Squirrel Chase.com’s One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge for December 2021. I have submitted the following three post-edit processed photos to share in the challenge. This time, using Nik, Photoshop, & Topaz wiith adjustments thereto, the outputs are the results you see below.

The Original Photo

After brushing out the stand and other backgrounds in Photoshop it went into Analog and the Classic Camera was used as is minus the scratches.

Here the photo went into Topaz. Burnt Edges was used at a 60% opacity. Then I turned it over into Lightroom to give it some blues and more contrast.

This was an in-app double exposure in Analog. After taking it from Analog it went back into Lightroom to lift the lighting with exposures and vignettes for a vintage type-fantastical look at a Santa ornament.

With that, if anyone just loves to create in post-processing, shoot on over to The Squirrel Chase.com once a month for this fun bit of sharing artful editing in post.

Until next month when three more renditions come, thanks for stopping in.

Kathleen Jennette Imagery

One To Three

Responses to “~One To Three~”

  1. What a fun challenge this is! And your filters and/or adjustments make it that much better. I like the first one best.

    Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Our photos are a mixture of DSLR and iPhone shots, none of which would win awards, but suit us just fine for remembering the good times. Glad to have you traveling virtually with us!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been planning trips and your site has a lot of great sites to see!

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      1. Thanks. But truth be known: we like just about everywhere we go!

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        1. Tales From My Lens Avatar
          Tales From My Lens

          Then thats perfect! 🙂

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  2. Excellent. The second compare is my fave.


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