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“Let’s go mother”

Thomas A. Short

Welcome to Travels With Tom and Gerry. A photographic series of adventures seen through vintage photographs taken by my grandparents Tom & Gerry-(Thomas Arthur and Geraldine Susan Short).

Series #2 – Austria

No, I have never been and yes, it was a bit of a chore to find out where many of these photos were taken. Some of these sites I am not sure where they are but with some sleuthing with Google and others with image compare, success was given to a couple of shots. In these posts of the “series” it will be on the side of a show-and-tell of just photos than a narrative of what they did. Although when looking at some of the photos a tale is in there.

I am dating the following travel photos with October 9th, and 10th 1959. By going through their passports, it looks like they flew into Schonefeld from London and then went on short flights and car expeditions. Here is what we have on Austria.

The Hofburg – Imperial Palace (former)

Below are 2 photos from my grandparents view of The Hofburg located in Vienna and built in the 13th century. The photo underneath them is a night shot and is taken from the web for comparison. They were photographed in almost the exact same spot but decades apart. I believe now it is the Austrian National Library.

Hofburg Palace lit up at night.
Photo Credit: ©hansiline/Pixabay

Here is another comparison of The Hofburg in what looks like a main street to the Palace. The signage sure has changed, and it looks like no cars today, and in other photos it looks like it may be a shopping site.

More Palace Views:

Capuchin Church in Vienna. The burial Place of the Hapsburg Family
*a friend of mine helped me on this one*

Pannans Heindiel.
A cute little area of Austria. I love the streets and the cottage look of these photos.

They were definitely in the car touring. It looks to me there is a good tale to tell and I can guarantee my grandparents and whoever they were traveling with were taking it all in stride since there are photos storytelling the moments.

Being A Passenger.

The Gondola. Rax Alpe.

The Raxalm Mountain Inn.
Grandma is standing there on the edge for the photograph. You can click the photo on the left and go to an interesting page of information about it with a look of it today.

So, there is Austria. Looks to me that they had one heck of a trip. Pictures are priceless and I am sure the stories were too. Wish I was there…

Til next time, Enjoy!

Responses to “~Travels With Tom & Gerry~”

  1. Fascinating to see these old photos of Vienna as I know the city a bit. The one you have labelled Imperial Court Chapel is in fact the cathedral, Stephansdom (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Stephen%27s_Cathedral,_Vienna). And you are right, the street leading to the Hofburg is indeed a smart shopping street today, if I remember rightly.


    1. Oh, thank you so much! I had such a time trying to figure out what was what on these photos by comparison and your input is very very very helpful! I changed the caption of the photo and put a link to your site. I am so thankful for the correction!


      1. You’re more than welcome – I’ve been through a similar exercise of trying to identify the location of old photos and I know how difficult it can be!


  2. European architecture is always so beautiful, isn’t it! ❤️


    1. I love it and to think this was in the 50s! I wish we could keep it and not destroy the history.


      1. Amen to to that! 🙏🏻❤️


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