For the Lens-Artists #191 Challenge this Lily took that spot for this post. The challenge is *Curves* and this pretty little curvy Lily became my subject for this post. She reminded me of an actress from the 30s wearing one of those beautiful satin long dresses drinking a cocktail swooped over a white sofa…

It has been a while since joining in on the Len-Artists Challenges and this one was a romantic one for me. I love curves and flattering them a bit as I do in most of the photos so I hope you enjoy.

One more note, these photos were taken from my Samsung S21. I was out and about and had not brought along my Canon *woops*. But as I always say to those who want to start the camera up – use that cell camera in the meantime. I know the sizing can only go up to a certain amount so that is not a plus for photographers who want a large product, and if you look closely the sharpness is not as crisp as I would like, however, for a quick handheld capture, it is available in most of your pockets.

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Lens-Artists Challenges #191-Curves

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  1. I so see what you mean about the lady in the cocktail dress! Your photos are beautiful and I love the way you present them too – so clean and simple, like the images. Phone cameras are much better than they used to be and although it’s not the same imho as a ‘proper’ camera, you can still get some pretty decent shots as long as you recognise the limitations. These lovely images are proof of that!

  2. A perfect subject for the challenge – I especially liked the one you selected for the reader. Agree with you assessment of the camera we have with us although yes, real lenses make a big difference. But cellphone quality has really grown these past few years (as has lens quality!)

    • Thank you Tina, and I am with you, I normally pack my lenses for the occasion lately and just pick a backpack. Through the years I am an old stinker and still like to pick and choose 😉 but sometimes… I just like the convenience of small. BTW I love your photos, I think they are beautiful!

  3. I love your description of the actress from the 30s wearing a dress, so elegant. Phone cameras will I hope catch up to the image quality of the Nikon and Canon cameras one day.

    • Thanks John, they are actually pretty good these days and the sizes are getting larger with each output of them. I work with Canon and have always been happy with the Canon line up and having lenses is the plus compared to a cell phone. Gotta have those lenses 😉

      • Your welcome! I’ve tried many lenses and find that for my purposes, an 18-140mm zoom and the little 10-50mm lens are all I need on the Nikon Z50 body. Not a pro photographer anyway… 😊

  4. What a lovely study of a calla lilly, they are one of my favorites!

  5. Lovely enveloping and smooth

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