~Lens Artists – Earth Story~

This week’s Lens-Artists features “Earth Story”.

I can’t post about the Earth without posting a few photos of one of the favorite places on Earth I have visited. That is Yosemite Valley in California. I think because my GGG Grandparents and generations thereafter were captured by its beauty that it is in my system. The GGGs were my first ancestors to venture upon that soil and lived close by in Columbia then Farmington where they farmed and took steps for agricultural irrigation districts for California.

The valleys of Yosemite are rich in the history of the land of the National Parks System. That was a hard fight to keep this all special to everyone on this planet Earth. Through the National Park Service Organic Act in 1916 we are able to preserve that notion. I hope we never lose that perspective. This might be all gone if we did. That act was signed in by President Woodrow Wilson, a cousin of my GGG Grandmother.

I could feel the spray from the waterfall below as I took photos. Some of these are just right off the roadway and it is so easy to get out of the vehicle and enjoy the earthly sight if that is all you do.

On another photo excursion, I discovered an earthling uprising in my yard. Here are some photos of that guy still growing and this shows a 4-day span so far. It is very interesting to look at it up closely.

There is so much about Earth and her story and just seeing everyone’s photos and reading the stories have been enjoyable and inspiring. We must take care of Mother Earth; it is all we have.

Til next time,

Lens-Artists Challenge #192: Earth Story

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