In the nature of this week’s happenings, I wasn’t sure if I could get any duck photos for this week’s #4 Nature Photo Challenge, but surprise to me it happened just today at the very last moment. As I was leaving the desert, I looked left and there they were in manmade nature’s golf course feeding away. In a ‘no pullover’ zone I pulled over in my SUV, rolled down the window and snapped a couple of Cellzilla quickies before the golf course police found me. So here is my quicky cell phone pic for #4.

I don’t know the name of the species, but there were many of them enjoying Mother Nature’s giving’s of the rains. Funny how, that at the last moments, the nature of things kicks in… In all ways.

Til next time,

Kathleen Jennette

Nature Photo Challenge #4

Responses to “~Ducks~”

  1. […] ducks play golf? Maybe not, but they sure love a verdant golf course, as Kathleen Jennette […]

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  2. i love it when the ducks and ducklings are walking around, it’s my personal reminder that the warm months are starting to come in.

    very nice photo!

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    1. Yes, I never thought of it that way, Spring is coming😊


  3. What a pastoral scene! That grass looks very munchable. Thanks for taking part in my challenge; glad you came across a ducky pic!

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    1. I am having fun with this challenge and was a lucky duck to see them on the last day 😉

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  4. I love ducks! I’m not sure either what specie they are but they aren’t the typical Mallard. It’s been raining in Vegas most of today but we need it so badly.

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    1. After tomorrow we should be dry for a while. I think once the heat comes, we will be sorry the rains and chill left.

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      1. That works because my sister is flying in from Florida the next day. I think you are right about the summer heat returning, Kathleen Jeanette. 110 is darn hot!

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