What can I say here other than I cheated… Or did I? For Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge #8, the key prompt was Fungi.

I looked far and wide in the yard and even while being out and about to find some authentic Fungi but was not successful. I have some older photos of some that grew through the DG from last year, but I didn’t want to do a repeat on something I thought I would find easily. So…

In the nature of life, sometimes things aren’t easy. But, at the market out of the corner of my eye, I spotted fungi just waiting for its Cellzilla B. DeMille shot, and again, on the very last day to post.

Then, while at the nursery, I spotted a whole gang of faux-fungi! There they were trying to become part of nature and it seemed, at least to me it did, that they were all being successful at it. Even a faux ladybug seemed to be a part of the fauxness of this nature study. To top it off, it looks like they have actual life to them as two of them already have fallen over and we know what that means in nature… THE COMPOST BIN!

So, I suppose when the thought of it has churned the brain into thinking it out, even these little guys are from nature. They tell me these are made from clay and wood and were made to decompose naturally in the garden. Don’t ask about the colors or shine because I don’t know about that. Maybe food coloring? Dunno, but I thought it was a great idea that one day they go back to Mother Earth. How neat is that, and aside from all of the above I got me some authentic Fauxgi shots inserted into my photographic portfolio now.

Til next time,

Kathleen Jennette

NPC #8

Responses to “~Faux-ungi~”

  1. […] Kathleen Jennette showed her commitment to the cause by visiting her local market and photographing edible mushrooms, and then some attractive “faux-ungi” in her local nursery. […]

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  2. Love your “faux-ungi” Kathleen Jennette, and yes, even those will rot, possibly being visited and eaten by their living cousins. That would make a good picture!

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    1. Haha! I don’t think I can wait that long.

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