A Little Diddy About Me & The Blog

I have had a camera in my hands since the 60s and as a kid I could never pay for the film. So my brother and I shared a camera and I invaded his darkroom as his helper. Nope, I couldn’t touch a thing but I remember the smell and the wonderful feeling we both got from seeing a moment come to life on paper.

Through the years the Instamatics and Polaroids were the things of the day while wearing bell-bottoms and I never turned back. In fact, I still wear bell-bottoms and I never swayed from the Canon cameras.

It seems that when I retired I bought a 60D and then went into the Mark III and 7DMarkII but I still go back in time and use the Polaroid once in a while.

Having a small collection of vintage cameras and film I happen to dream away life back when slides and analog was du jour. But alas, in today’s times, I can fiddle around with the art lens and create and tell the tales.

Thanks for stopping in.

Kathleen Jennette Imagery

Story Teller With A Camera