A Little About Diddy

Kathleen Jennette caught the bug for photography in 1968 when she entered the darkroom with her brother.  When she finally got her own camera the journey began.

After meeting the great photographer Edmund Teske through work in the 1980s, she credits the inspiration of her images past and present to his inspiring words and of viewing his photographs. No longer with us, she hears his ‘whispers’ while she creates. 

Through the years, the camera was laid down and picked up several times because of life’s givings and takings and many photos never made the journey through life with her.  Now retired, she never leaves home without a camera or a USB.  Lessons learned, hence the tales began through the lens and to the blogs of the past couple of decades to the present time.

Kathleen has embraced the new digital age in her works by using in-camera creative lenses as well as post-editing processes with Canon cameras. 

Although the creative form is not everyone’s cup o’ tea, it is hers and the niche Kathleen has made is hopefully enjoyed by you too.

She hopes Mr. Teske and her brother would approve. 

Thank you for stopping by.

For the official gallery site just click on the image below to take you to a portfolio of galleries and folders. Enjoy!

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