A one-vote loss is nothing to cry about. In fact, it is good.  Simply stated one vote... is not a great win, indeed it is shameful for Americans to call it a win because of the issues at hand. I actually feel good today. We all knew he would be confirmed under this administration, that... Continue Reading →

In the end, only the Worthy lives on with Grace. Signed, ~Integrity~   *After watching Senator John McCain's memorial this thought arose. He will not be matched by anyone in this current political arena.  That is sad for America.*

Number 4 and the last one of the Squares Challenge. From my porch.  The Dirty Birds have nested under the roof and have made my porch a mess... *daily clean-up not pretty, egg shells and poopskis everywhere*.  I can hear the little tykes chirping away but no sign of Mommy or Daddy, but I do... Continue Reading →

Number 3 in the Month of Squares Challenge. From my computer desk.  Not pretty, but it is what it is until the move. The Life Of B and her Month Of Squares is having some fun with #RoofSquares. There is one rule… the main photo must be square.  You can check her rules out at The Life... Continue Reading →

Number 2 in the Month of Squares Challenge. The Life Of B and her Month Of Squares is having some fun with #RoofSquares. There is one rule... the main photo must be square.  You can check her rules out at The Life Of B. Til the next challenge...

We have a nest and a family of swallows.  I'm pretty sure they are swallows anyway. Here, the two adults are building and exchanging mud beak duty for Sunday Stills. I just love the animal life here *minus the rattlers..ugh don't like the snakes, nope*. Every year this nest comes back. I am not too... Continue Reading →

Mrs. C.H. Chamberlain gave a very delightful reception on Saturday of last week at her elegant new house, 1402 Franklin Street, in honor of the National Treasurer of the W.CT.U.,  Miss Esther Pugh of Ohio, and the President of Alameda County, Mrs. B. S. Peet.  The bloom and fragrance of flowers and other beautiful and... Continue Reading →

When I was in San Francisco last week, I once again dove deep into admiring the City's buildings and structures.  This time for Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge, I am posting a few shots of one of the beautiful places I stopped in at. The Hearst Building housed the San Francisco Examiner until 1965.  Located... Continue Reading →

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