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~Delicate Colors~

~Delicate Colours Of Past~

~A Little Break Did Not Hurt~

A little refreshing was much needed. Somehow I had to rethink this year, as last year was a terror trying to get things done on the house and then posting with no time to have fun posting. Even my simple post of once a week got me weathered and worn by the end of the ...

~Squares (Roofs)~

Number 4 and the last one of the Squares Challenge. From my porch.  The Dirty Birds have nested under the roof and have made my porch a mess... *daily clean-up not pretty, egg shells and poopskis everywhere*.  I can hear the little tykes chirping away but no sign of Mommy or Daddy, but I do ...

~Peter’s Shadow~

Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic