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~It’s Nothing To Cry About~

A one-vote loss is nothing to cry about. In fact, it is good.  Simply stated one vote... is not a great win, indeed it is shameful for Americans to call it a win because of the issues at hand. I actually feel good today. We all knew he would be confirmed under this administration, that ...

~Thunkin’ The Thoughts~

In the end, only the Worthy lives on with Grace. Signed, ~Integrity~   *After watching Senator John McCain's memorial this thought arose. He will not be matched by anyone in this current political arena.  That is sad for America.*


My Thoughts Today. As all Americans, the Las Vegas murders have got me down.  This is a horrible episode in our Country's life.  Tragic, and it is hard to comprehend this has happened again in America and again, from within.  In like manner, I am still scratching my head of this president posting on Twitter instead of ...