~Squirrel Snacks~

A couple of weeks ago I heard noises in the Giant Bird of Paradise from the yard next door.  Looking up it was our friendly neighborhood Squirrel having a snack on its seeds.

The squirrel had a pretty good spot to sit on while having a gourmet lunch.

After discovering the camera Squirrel got a little suspicious but continued snacking.

Taking a break while still keeping an eye on me.

He could use a napkin at this point.

I just love this guy’s little hands.  You can see the seed in it.

This guy hops from tree to tree in my backyard.  I hear him in the morning and evening eating seeds from all the surrounding trees.

With his little paw tucked under him, he took a last look at me and ran down the tree.

Camera: 7D Mark II

Lens:  Canon 70-200mm

Location:  Orange County, CA

Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time…

Response to “~Squirrel Snacks~”

  1. Great shots KH!, I saw my first grey squirrel in June this year while in London, they are quite amusing and easily get your camera clicking. They are even more of an attraction to us because we do not have them here in Australia.

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