~The Stereo Realist~

“I like the smell of film. I just like knowing there’s film going through the camera”.~Steven Spielberg

This was my Grandfather’s camera. A Stereo Realist camera which took photos in “stereo”.  The camera and case are in beautiful condition.  With it was the Weston III meter.

It was made to take 2 slides both at the same time in color, therefore bringing a stereo (3D effect) to the viewer when used on a slide attachment made for the system.

Opening it up I discovered a roll of film.  Thinking I have a gold mine from the past, I inquired to see who could develop it.  I was so excited to find this!  However, what I found out was only a few companies in the world can develop this film anymore, and not in color as they do not make the chemicals anymore.  Further, when they do develop a “batch of film” it is only once every 2 to 3 years.  So a wait time is indeed part of the process.   The art of film developing has simply vanished and Kodachrome was one of the first types of film to go.

The Weston Master III meter.   Finding this old meter was a great feeling too.  It is in almost perfect condition.

The case is double-sided so as to see and use both sides.  Not a scratch on it.  I oo’d and ahw’d over it till I realized, “I dunno how to work this thing”…  *rocket science*

After reading up on it, I think I can still use it and I found a YouTube instructional video to help me get it.  *I love YouTube*.

Wondering why my grandparents took so many slides is not a secret anymore.  Gathering them up and checking more closely for the “stereo” pieces will be a chore.  Spare time is not so spare, and this really takes a while to do, but it is rewarding when the result is seen from the work.

Hope you enjoyed this rather different “Throwback Thursday”.

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  1. That’s fascinating – and such a lovely remembrance of your grandparents to have. I had no idea you couldn’t get that sort of film developed at all now, end of an era.

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