~Rocks Just Are~

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  1. I agree that rocks remember, but it would be nice if they could speak in a language we all could easily understand. I’ve wondered about some of the various rocks I’ve come across in my lifetime so I get your own rock contemplations. We have a very small yard where we live now and I’ve had most of it covered up with concrete in order to have a patio. I’ve been mystified about some of the uncovered portions where small rocks seem to crawl up out of the ground. Periodically I’ll gather them and pile them in a corner of my yard, but then after a few months more rocks seem to come up from the ground. Do they ever end?

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  2. Their roundness is what stirs up wonder with me! Not just normal rocks of the area in my ever so humble opinion! Hmmmmmmmm……

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