~Rocks Just Are~

Geologists have a saying-rocks remember.
~Neil Armstrong~


One of the conversation pieces on this property are these rocks.  They are all over the place.  Most are round and then there are a few that have been broken over the years.  My thoughts were they are man-made with cement by the previous owners for landscaping purposes, but I have been told by a couple of people that indeed they are not. A contractor confirmed they are not cement at all.  So why and how did they get so round and in one spot for this large group?


 These photos are of a cluster under one of the large oaks.

I went looking for that answer and got the  “don’t know” response by a few people up here.  Then  I have been told a couple of things such as, they have just been naturally formed over the years by rolling down the hills, and the grooves in some of them are there because of sitting in the earth for years.  I’ve also been told I shouldn’t try and figure it out.  They are just rocks.  Sounds like a good answer.

I’ve  further been told they are dinosaur eggs *really?*   Got my curiosity up but in reality, I don’t think they are, but they sure do look like an egg.  I don’t know why I have to find out why these rocks (mini boulders) are formed this way, but every time I pass them by, I can’t help but stare as they sit in a group unmovable because of their weight.  It’s the group thing that gets me…all together in this section.  *waiting for the Stephen King novel to pop out from under one*.

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Anyway, I don’t know where this tale is going, but it is a curiosity to me that I hope to solve one day.   Or…just maybe Mother Nature doesn’t want this tale to be solved.  It’s just Nature.  eh?  Rocks just are.    Unless you can fill me in here,  I will leave it at that.

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Responses to “~Rocks Just Are~”

  1. ‘Rocking’ it. Love the solidness of rocks and always intrigued by their formation


  2. Beautifully written, great post!


      1. Most welcome, Kathleen!😉


  3. Hey, interesting, kinda changes the way I view the surroundings, namely, I started noticing rocks, and wonder where it came from!

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  4. I agree that rocks remember, but it would be nice if they could speak in a language we all could easily understand. I’ve wondered about some of the various rocks I’ve come across in my lifetime so I get your own rock contemplations. We have a very small yard where we live now and I’ve had most of it covered up with concrete in order to have a patio. I’ve been mystified about some of the uncovered portions where small rocks seem to crawl up out of the ground. Periodically I’ll gather them and pile them in a corner of my yard, but then after a few months more rocks seem to come up from the ground. Do they ever end?

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. Gadzzz, I wonder how they do that myself. They just seem to appear.


  5. Definitely look like dinosaur eggs to me 🙂

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  6. Valerie hutchens Avatar
    Valerie hutchens

    Their roundness is what stirs up wonder with me! Not just normal rocks of the area in my ever so humble opinion! Hmmmmmmmm……

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    1. Since you have lived here, your opinion is valuable here. I truly rely on what you have told me about living here so I’m depending on you girl!


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