~An Invitation~

An Invitation.

Back in the day, getting an invitation to a celebration or ceremony meant a bit of work for the sender.  Meaning, the endeavor of etiquette and the production of that being put to purpose to send out an invitation.  It was not only proper behavior but protocol, elemental to one’s conduct.  Today it has become a fading facility of society through modern technology of the computer birth, and most of all, the decline and lack of cursive writing skills.

In the day, invitations were written beautifully.  Even the somber announcements for funerals were elegant.   Inside the envelope was another wonder of the conscientious assembly.  A precise formality was to be followed by inserting the contents an absolute way so the receiver could view instantly the invite when plucking it out of the envelope. In addition, with the invitation itself, came a reply card just as elegant as the primary invite tucked within a smaller envelope for a return response.

It wasn’t just a poetical motion in one’s life to be taught the technique of something as ordinary as sending out an invitation, it was etiquette, a common civility of one’s life.  A social grace is taught along with good behavior.   Indeed, propriety in which today (in my opinion) is missing.

This invitation shown here was a gala celebration of 4 days in 1900 (note, the dates are penned out).   It was sent to Great Great Grandfather who played a large part in San Francisco’s maturing at that time and, evidently, my Great Great Grandmother and those Grands that followed her, felt this was worthy to be saved.  *glad they were*

8-10-17-2 (1 of 1)
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With the prudent thought of saving the invite,  the Official Souvenir Bulletin booklet was additionally conserved to my appreciation.  Every page is intact and in reading some of the names in the booklet, I wonder how many offspring of those listed that I actually know today.

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These little pieces of history are savored and devoured by myself, not only for the sake of lineage but for the sake of art and history.   It is exciting.   Equivalent to an archaeological find, and the future will get a place to hold and discover these items as I did.   The below response to The Grand Ball is elegantly embossed in the upper left-hand corner and is my favorite piece because of the embossing.  It is in perfect condition.

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Here is a seating card for the public celebration on the streets.  As President and founder of many San Francisco clubs politically and social,  he was a speaker that day and had a special spot along with others enjoying the festivities of the day.

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As I have always written a journal,  I  do love the way it feels when I have a pen in hand, and cursive is my preferred choice of a diary.  I remember as a little girl learning cursive writing in school and how it was a big deal to learn it.  I felt proud of coming home to show-off my paperwork.   In high school, I was a teacher’s aid and helped kids connect the “tail” of each letter.  It was fun and the kids seemed to get as much enjoyment “growing” into cursive from printing as I did.  The hope that those schools get on board again with this skill is with me for the future’s sake.

Hence, along with those lines, this Tales From My Lens post comes from the lens of my eyes.  A guardian of memories and finds with the hope that a primary skill does not fade away.

Keep those cards coming and going.

Til next time…

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  1. Very cool!

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  2. I love looking at and reading old timey photos/journals. Handwriting and calligraphy is incredibly personal when you stop and think about it. This is a fantastic post!


  3. That is something cool 🙂


  4. What a fascinating memento of your forebears, and of the time they lived in. I can barely write these days….

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    1. I can feel the aches and pains in my hands too the older I get. Keep moving!


      1. It’s partly that and partly just lack of practice – it comes out as a horrible scrawl!

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  5. What a beautiful memory. I have some handwriting from my mother and of course from Richard. I love cursive and have been practicing a lot lately in my bullet journal. Would love to be able to write like those above!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Paula. Yes, keep the journal up, and I’m with you, I wish I could write as beautifully as they used too also.


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