~A Labor Of Love~

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  1. Kathleen, a great tribute to the firefighters for dedicating their time helping others while who knows what may be happening in their neighborhood. Hope you and your family are safe. Such scary times for so many.

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  2. Such a timely post Kathleen, really perfect for the challenge. It truly is a labor of love for them. The danger they put themselves into so that the rest of us can be safe is incredible. Stay safe out there – our hearts are with all of the Californians as you make your way through this terrible season of disasters.


  3. They are heroes all of them – we hear so much about the terrible fires over there, and wish you are safe and the firefighters too. May it stop soon and rain come.

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  4. You have selected a perfect example of a labor of love. These firefighters have to feel passion for what they are doing, as you do for them. Since I live so far away in Tennessee, I only know what is reported, so your first-hand info and photos bring this tragedy to the personal level for me. Thanks so much for contributing. I’m praying for an end to the fires soon.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful words and prayers. The responders sure have been tested this year more than anyone should be and we hope the end is soon too. It’s unnerving to think so many lives are on the line. Thank you ☺️

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