~A Labor Of Love~

Here in California as most of the world knows by now we have had a flourish of devastating fires over the past few weeks and still ongoing as I write. In our area alone, we have had 3 fires responded to since August that I know of, although minor compared to others they are all very scary. This was one in August that we kept a close eye on. As you can see in the photo it was in the canyon right behind our hill. With all the heat and brush it could have been a lot worse and we are very thankful for the Fire Departments and Cal Fire crews having a labor of love for what they do.

Like guardian angels they flew in by numbers over the tree tops and they came swiftly enough to put them out. In the midst of running around gathering items (just in case worry wart) the photo nut in me had to get some film of them flying over the house.

It has to be a strange phrase when posting these photos that this is a “Labor of Love” for them, but let’s face it, these responders must love their job and I am happy they do! Here is a fly-over of help in a slideshow. If you look really close you can see 2 pilots in the windows of the Cal Fire copter. They came like this for a few hours that day and there is nothing better to see than the copters with water when smoke is in sight.

Cal Fire Copters

Simply put, my Labor Of Love post for Len-Artists goes to our Fire responders and others fighting these devilish storms in my home state of California.

Below here are a few photos of the airplanes that came to rescue the hill. They were out as part of the crew ready and willing to fight the fire. The routine in these pilots are amazing to me. If it wasn’t for the fire being right here, I would have pulled up a seat and just watched their art work. But as it was, I had to grab and pull items to the truck. *I keep a list and a bag ready now*.

Thank you to all the fire responders all over our state and others responding to help fighting with their labors of love for us. It truly is incredible what you do and you are appreciated beyond words.

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  1. Kathleen, a great tribute to the firefighters for dedicating their time helping others while who knows what may be happening in their neighborhood. Hope you and your family are safe. Such scary times for so many.

  2. Definitely heroes. Hope you are, and remain, safe!

  3. Such a timely post Kathleen, really perfect for the challenge. It truly is a labor of love for them. The danger they put themselves into so that the rest of us can be safe is incredible. Stay safe out there – our hearts are with all of the Californians as you make your way through this terrible season of disasters.

  4. They are heroes all of them – we hear so much about the terrible fires over there, and wish you are safe and the firefighters too. May it stop soon and rain come.

  5. You have selected a perfect example of a labor of love. These firefighters have to feel passion for what they are doing, as you do for them. Since I live so far away in Tennessee, I only know what is reported, so your first-hand info and photos bring this tragedy to the personal level for me. Thanks so much for contributing. I’m praying for an end to the fires soon.

  6. Great shots. Lotta’ labor. Gotta be a lotta’ love.

  7. Hear hear!!!
    Do they carry water inside now rather than in a big “sack” under the chopper or are these returning having dumped their load?

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