Today I will be posting to the theme “Patterns” from Denzil Nature through his Nature Photo Challenge. It is the first of his series involving nature images.

Nature does have a pattern in growth from the ground on up. Here, the Maple tree buds seemed to be a good model for that template.

The rings on the trunk get more interesting as this tree gets older. They circle around in a pattern for the eye to notice a budding leaf or branch. Almost like Christmas ornaments, they decorate the tree.

I plucked this as a baby with two tiny leaves and a strangling root from my old northern California yard along with 5 others in 2007. They were no larger than a half an inch at the time. This one survived and for the last couple of years it has been good to me even through extensive heat and, lately, rain.

The beauty of trees is that they do have patterns as in all nature. The upward growth, branches, veins, roots, leaves and structures are all patterns in many fashions. It is an incredible thought of how just one tree can give the eye a multitude of configurations.

The patterns of trees should be admired. While out taking these shots, I was happy to know they remind us of the upward spurts in life can take us even farther into life’s giving’s. As the saying goes, “You can only go upwards”. That is, if you choose to do so.

Thanks to Denzil for this challenge. I enjoyed the reality of it all.


Till next time…

Denzil Nature

Responses to “~Patterns~”

  1. A lovely selection. Thank you!

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  2. […] The delicate patterns of trees and their bark was highlighted by Kathleen […]

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  3. A good reminder of the rewards of studying nature more closely 🙂 Trees can be so fascinating!

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    1. They sure are. From the beginning of time they have been here and should be our Kings and Queens of life

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  4. Thanks for taking part and for getting us to focus on tree patterns and how they can form. I think “Bark” would be a good theme one week.

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    1. Oh yes, bark would be great, I am looking forward to this challenge in Nature 🙂

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  5. Really love this. Thanks for sharing it!

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    1. Thank you Pepper, nature is wonderful🙂

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  6. Trees generate oxygen which kelps keep humans alive!

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      1. So, why are humans cutting down the rainforests? Bad news.

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        1. Agree. They are called developers backed by political purpose. Sad indeed.

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          1. Locally, an old place called Bonnie Springs Ranch was purchased by those damn developers. They were supposed to build a bunch of homes on the now-empty property yet it still sits empty. Bonnie Springs was fun but no more…

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            1. Its sad. They are many pieces of land that are the same here.

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  7. this was really nice and i enjoyed reading it. i found the comparison of a tree’s growth to life so accurate especially considering how many things we branch out into only for it to stop here and continue there. as an aside, I am already seeing buds of color on trees here and it blows my mind how we’re already at March’s doorstep.

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    1. Thank you, and you are so right. Everything is changing so fast!


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