~F/Stop Friday~

d/stop 2-24-23cover

So here we are in the rain, and it is really a cold one. I love the cold and the rain, so it doesn’t bother me except that it is hard to get out and shoot when wind is added to that combination. Wind makes a difference with hats and glasses, and I didn’t use a tripod. This morning’s shoot was a quick one before the rain hit hard and I am glad I went early so I wouldn’t fumble around. Rain has been almost non-stop throughout the night and today, so it is very muddy and wet.

Garden shots for my F-Stop Friday:

f/1.4 1/200 ISO-100 Canon R6 50mmLens

When doing my Tea Walks I find the things that need updating. This is a couple of them. New Paint and new cushions for Spring and Summer. This is a job for Mrs. Shecky, and I am sure she is going to wait until Spring is officially here.

f/1.4 1/200 ISO-100 Canon R6 50mmLens

Tis budding all around and the rain, hopefully, will make this soil better for blooming this year. Right now, the blooms are shooting up on some flowers and the leaves are such a pretty green.

f/1.6 1/200 ISO-100 Canon R6 50mmLens

I just love the green leaves sprinkled with rain drops. This Lily is a huge plant, and it is in a pot luvn’ life.

f/8 1/6 ISO-100 Canon R6 50mmLens

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and are comfy in your spots of the day. I am going to enjoy this water coming down because before we know it, I will be complaining about the heat. With that, here’s to enjoying the comforts of Winter.

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Responses to “~F/Stop Friday~”

  1. Beautiful photos! Love the framing and sense of mystery. Would you be interested in joining another photo challenge? https://denzilnature.com/nature-photo-challenge/

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    1. Thank you, and yes, I’ll take a look 🙂

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  2. Lovely photos, Kathleen Jeannette! At least you have some rain, it has been gray and dull here all day. This is Michigan living!

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    1. I think you may get ours soon🥺

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      1. Good, we need it!

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