~Petals In Pink~

No. 3 in the series of Nature Photo Challenge, the prompt is “Pink”. When it comes to pink, flowers come to mind *I think yes*. The garden is starting to bloom, and I got lucky with the flowers being shades of pink for this round.

Iceberg Rose in white above has pink throughout it and it has spent its time. The Icebergs seems to be very hardy here so I grow a lot of them.

Geraniums are another popular plant because of its versatility. They are easy to propagate and take only a cutting to stick in the ground to grow. The deer do not like them either.

The Camelias really bloomed well. I cut them and put them in bowls around the house. They don’t really last long that way but are pretty while they last.

I suppose the garden is in the pink and pretty in pink it is. We have rain coming again tomorrow and next so we shall see what others have decided to pop into Spring after.

Denzil’s Nature for Nature Photo Challenge #3: Pink is part of a series challenge which starts with a new theme every Wednesday so if interested, check it out by clicking the link.

Til next time,

Kathleen Jennette

Responses to “~Petals In Pink~”

  1. […] Kathleen Jennette also took us into her garden in the US, with a display of pink from tiny camelia buds to fading rose petals. […]

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  2. Lovely pink flowers 🙂 I was interested to read that you grow geraniums because the deer don’t like them, as here we grow them because the snails leave them alone!

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    1. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen snails in them either. 🙃

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  3. Thanks for taking part in this challenge Kathleen Jennette, camelia are among my favorite garden plants so I loved that emerging bud in all its pinkness.

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  4. Very beautiful photos, Kathleen Jennette. ❤️

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    1. Thank you John, the pink is sure a nice change from the gloomy weather. Hope you are doing well there. We have another coming in tonight through Wednesday…

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      1. You are welcome. 😊 I saw an article today about huge flooding somewhere in California. Something not cool is going on…


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