~Creative Shots On The Canon G7x~

Point and shoots are a must for everyone, photographer or not.  They are the perfect companion for the everyday enthusiast and the professional.  The use of the cell phone is great, however, I enjoy the ease of a card for easy back up of photos and editing to a computer. In a new purchase of a point and shoot I waffled against the raved about Sony RX 100 III camera and another Canon in order to ditch the editing part at the computer.  In the longrun, the comfort zone sent me to the Canon G7X. It was a couple of hundred dollars less and yet it seems to have compared adequately in filling my needs.  I have to admit, I am a Canon girl.

I still find a serious need for a good point and shoot and this Canon G7X is worthy of a big camera just in a small package.

In this post, I’m not going into the whole shebang of what this little dynamo can do, instead, I am picking one function I really fell in love with…. the Creative Shot setting.

Below is a series of photos using the Creative Shot mode.  Just one shot automatically applies special effects and recomposes the shot into six photos, which makes perspectives come to life instantly.  For the novice, it can be a great educational tool for composition and enter the artsy fartsy world of photography.   For myself, I love the instant surprises of the random photos given out.

Below you will see an archway into a garden.  I really like the way these turned out and all with just one press of the button.

Here is a pathway to a secret garden.  You can see it picked up the walkway and gate in a couple of photos and then it picked up a sign off to the right perfectly.

Going into all the gadget modes and experimenting with this little camera has been fun and  I find myself never without it now.  I use the touchscreen and flip up panel almost every time I shoot and if there is one thing that does bug me about this camera, is that the flip screen does not rotate at an angle. It only goes up and down, but it does save my knees and then some by not having to bend over.

Anyway,  you can be sure I will be posting on more discoveries and telling the tales of them.

Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time…

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