~One To Three~

For the month of May’s One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge I have submitted the following post-edit processed photos. Using Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz, and adjustments thereto, the output is the result you see below.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when I hiked up my back yard. It is the perfect spot for photos like this. You can see the green has started to grow in from the fires and it is looking healthier now. The clouds made an impact on me as it looks like two eyes staring down into the canyon on the left side of the photo.

Looking Into Limestone Canyon

Playing with clarity, highlights and exposure in Lightroom first and then taking it out and working in Photoshop with lighting and opacity gave the output of the photo on the right.

Desaturating it and again working with exposure levels and clarity the black and white came into being.

From Lightroom and Photoshop the photo went into Topaz and into the artists section to get a stylized black and white version. It turned out a bit more like a fantasy than a real photo. I adjusted the opacity and strength to give it a deeper black finish. I like deeper photos, it’s just my thing, so the foreground is almost a silhouette of sorts.

If anyone just loves to create in post processing shoot on over to The Squirrel Chase.com once a month for this fun bit of sharing artful editing in post.

Until next month when three more renditions come, thanks for stopping in.

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge

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  1. These are all gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you! I just love this challenge🙂

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