~One To Three~

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  1. Was the last photo squirrel CHASE?

    For me that was the most fascinating as most my photos are monochrome. I found it very riveting. You are playing with nature love it.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment. Squirrel Chase is the blog host of the challenge🙂 Your photos are wonderful and I have been following you for awhile. This month on 365 I’m doing B&W. Noir is a realm I like to use.


        1. After Topaz, I took it into Photoshop and desaturated it. Then played. I guess I should be writing these down but each one is so different each time. In Topaz I used only a quarter of the intensity.
          Next time I will keep track but hopefully that helped. One thing I do is Clarity. I play with that both ways. Then that will send me off to other edits.

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  2. It’s fascinating to see the evolution using the very different effects. I like all of the effects but feel drawn to both the monochrome and near monochrome of the first one.

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