~One to Three~

For the month of June’s The Squirrel Chase.com’s One-to-three Photo Processing Challenge, I have submitted the following post-edit processed photos. Using Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz, and adjustments thereto, the output is the result you see below as a sort of artsy fartsy outcome.

In my Photoshop practice time, the original became this through filters in Photoshop and playing with levels thereafter.
From Photoshop to Topaz and working with smudges it came to this. You can see in the photo on the right that when enlarged for view it became more grainy. Something I did not like, but posted to show that some edits can cause a look not so desired when shown in actual size. I was enamored with the pastel colors more than the total look of the photo.
Saturation and clarity levels with blurs came to the edit of the black and white.

If anyone just loves to create in post processing shoot on over to The Squirrel Chase.com once a month for this fun bit of sharing artful editing in post.

Until next month when three more renditions come, thanks for stopping in.

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge

11 thoughts on “~One to Three~

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    1. Thank you for the compliment. Squirrel Chase is the blog host of the challenge🙂 Your photos are wonderful and I have been following you for awhile. This month on 365 I’m doing B&W. Noir is a realm I like to use.


        1. After Topaz, I took it into Photoshop and desaturated it. Then played. I guess I should be writing these down but each one is so different each time. In Topaz I used only a quarter of the intensity.
          Next time I will keep track but hopefully that helped. One thing I do is Clarity. I play with that both ways. Then that will send me off to other edits.

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