~Norma Ella Allen-Short~

For another week of Ancestry posts for Squares, I will focus on Norma Ella Allen-Short with 7 photos for the week.

Born April 1862 In Maine. Daughter of Daniel G. Allen and Caroline Truesdell. Truesdell is the middle name passed down to my father, however, it is spelled differently as noted on his birth certificate (not shown here).

This is Norma Ella Allen. This may have been an engagement photograph which was common back when or even that photograph after or before the wedding. If you look closely she was very well dressed and the satin on her clothing shines. The jewelry also is a notion that it was an occasion other than just a photograph such as a christening or other important event. That head ornament that wrapped around her hair makes me smile and then there is her smile with the turned-up corners. I think she was happy here in a romantic way.

The above is the wedding invitation. Notice the sides are in gold. I like that touch of extravagance for some reason. It takes on a bit more Victorian detail in a way that people don’t do these days. The invitation itself is small for today’s bride. It is about 3.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. I find its writing very elegant and lush and absolutely love it. I wonder, did she put them in the envelope herself? *dreamy*

Census tables are a great way to see how one’s life expanded – or didn’t. Notice that there were a couple more kids on the plate on the 1900 Census. One is my Grandfather Thomas A. Short, the youngest at 3 years of age.

The above photo of Norma Short is a good example of family resemblances. My Grandfather sure did look like her. My Great Aunt Carrie has a bit of that look also. They were a loving family by photographs. I have several of them all on hikes and exploring camps and such in the Redwoods and Yosemite in California. They seemed to always be on the go. I will post those in the future after individuals get their due post.

A little diddy:

One reason why the ancestry sites are good is that you can lead to the next generations above. The bad thing about ancestry sites is the generations of today that want to boast without having proper facts or proper dates. You could end up with a person who is not really in the family and then it all gets distorted with false dates and people. Shown below is her parents’ Wedding Certificate. It is beautiful and still very legible and documents like census tables, birth certificates, along with wedding certificates lead the way when searching out the truth on family lines. The spelling of names and dating are essential too, let’s not overlook that.

Thanks for joining me on this turn of ancestry stories.

Til next time,

Kathleen Jennette


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  1. […] Here’s a postscript to the previous 2 ancestry posts Foremothers and Norma Ella Allen-Short . […]

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  2. oh I am loving your ancestry tales, and such beautiful portraits. You are so right about the challenges of genealogical sites, i tend to stay clear of other trees these days as I have ended up in the past exploring some very wrong paths!

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    1. I’m enjoying your past also. I find just looking at the photographs is enough to make me wonder. I love it!

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