~A Real Love Match~

Here’s a postscript to the previous 2 ancestry posts Foremothers and Norma Ella Allen-Short .

After going back to take a closer look at the tintypes, I realized that the lady and gentleman in both of these photos are the same, only taken years apart.

Norma Ella Allen-Short, firstborn son Norman T. Short, and William Short

The above photo must have been around 1886. Norman T. Short was born in 1886 and he only looks a couple of months old at the most. If you look up close to his little face the resemblance can be seen in his photo below standing by his mother.

The tintype below is of William Short, Carrie M. Short, Norma Ella Allen-Short, and Norman T. Short. My Aunt Carrie looks maybe 2 years-ish? She was born in 1889 so I am going to put an 1891-ish date on this photo.

Photos tell tales: Norma has, what I am assuming, William’s hat in her lap. I am guessing for indoor etiquette or for the photograph itself. I love her leather gloves and that hat she is wearing is perfect for my garden. Her son is leaning into her probably again for the photographer’s sake, but his stance is very straight and confident even though he moved slightly while the photograph was taken. William is holding on to my Great Aunt Carrie while she sits in the corner of his arms twiddling her fingers. He intensely looks at something in the corner but is sitting still for the shot. It must not be that important. It looks to me like a nice little family outing.

I never knew Norman, but I did know my Aunt Carrie as did my cousin Sue (Susie as I call her). She has been helpful in the memory department by adding in her bits of recall also. It has been great to have someone my age who actually did know our Great Aunt and Great Grandmother to exchange thoughts of past dinners and get-togethers.

Now, speaking of my cousin Susie, she has sent me a copy of these extraordinary notes of love in reference to Norma.

This first one is from Norma’s mother dated February 20, 1881.

I think this is one of the sweetest things I have read from a mother to a daughter.
"Dear Norma, 
O'er your brow
May never a rude wind roughly blow,
May your days glide by to eternity
With the sweetest sweets that life can know. 
May the crown of a glorious womanhood
All radient, rest on your stainless brow;
May the Father hold you as tenderly
In his mighty hand as he holds you now. 
San Francisco Feb 20th 1881"

The second one is a sweetheart note of love from William to Norma. I can only dream it was given to her after they either sealed their engagement or the wedding. This delicately written romantic note is a gem for me to read after all these years. Here, in his own handwriting, Great-Grandfather Short writes of love and their upcoming lives together, and that tells me that they were in love and it wasn’t a forced marriage of the day. That makes me smile and now I understand her turned-up lips-she was really smiling too.

A beautiful note of love.
"To Norma

Our lives are albums written through

With good or ill with false or true

And as the blessed angel turns

The pages of our lives

God grant they read the good with


And blot the bad with tears

William Short"

I will be back with more. Hopefully, you are enjoying just a look-see into the past. Til next time,

Kathleen Jennette


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  1. […] is a time to be alive, to share the joy of a beautiful love match and the peaceful silence in a […]

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  2. Wonderful photos! I don’t think I’ve visited this site before, nice!


    1. Thank John. Yes, I have had this one for a while too. In fact, 365 may have to go on hiatus because I am out of room soon on that blog. I will figure that one out before the end of the year.


  3. You’re so fortunate to have these beautiful glimpses into their lives – so very precious

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    1. Thank you Becky. I have more and can’t wait to get the stories together.

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