~One to Three~

Not everyone owns a camera or wants to know photoshop.

Welcome to The Squirrel Chase.com’s One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge for November 2021. I have submitted the following three post-edit processed photos to share in the challenge. This time, Cellzilla gets credit for using its phone photo apps. These are apps ready to use for edit and ready to download or already on your cell phone. These are fun, easy, and quick to use for immediate looks. With adjustments thereto, the outputs are the results you see below.

Original. The edit here was trying to make this look a bit even with *cell phone eyes* so cropping, rotating, and stamping for an even appearance was done with a Photoshop app.

In using the Painnt app which can be downloaded onto the phone I went into the different looks available for use. After downloading the photo from the app, the photo went into the Photoshop app I have installed and had more leaves and colors of Fall adjusted to it.

Using the healing/stamp correction filling in spots is easy.

The above was given contrasts and highlights from my regular installed phone edit app on Android. I think everyone has a photo edit app on their phone. So the light was brought in for a brighter look. Again, some stamping was done to fill in the vacant spots.

Cell phone edits can bring a lot into a creative look.

Then, of course, I had to go darker in the above pic with the same app Painnt and again for contrast, highlights, and colors in the Photoshop app for Android.

My take on phone apps? Yes, you can tell it is an app when used most of the time. For users of social media and just having fun apps and filters, they are convenient to get thoughts and photos posted for whatever reasons. They have been used for a very long time on Instagram and downloading the many available on the www gives choices for being your own creator.

Not a Fan? That is fine. Creativeness comes in different forms with different critiques. Keep in mind though not everyone is a photoshop pro and not everyone owns a camera let alone want to learn Photoshop or want to own a big camera. Sometimes the Cell is just all one needs and it beats the price of the larger equipment. So this is a great substitute for those conditions and I believe a great beginning to those who want to take their photography and creative gut further in a quick and easy way.

With that, if anyone just loves to create in post-processing, shoot on over to The Squirrel Chase.com once a month for this fun bit of sharing artful editing in post.

Until next month when three more renditions come, thanks for stopping in.

Kathleen Jennette Imagery

One To Three

Responses to “~One to Three~”

  1. I’ve never been adept with my cell phone, which is a pretty basic one. It’s fun to see some of the options available. The ones you used bring to mind some of the effects I’ve gotten using the AI ReMix filter in Topaz Studio 2. I thought it is fun to see how the different effects affect the mood of the photo.

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    1. Right. Some cell apps are very good and depending on the size and resolution of the cell photo, it can make it look the same way just from the phone. It’s pretty amazing what the phone offers these days.


  2. I like the third one the best.

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    1. It seems to be my favorite also because of the blues. Thanks for stopping in 🙂


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