~24mm F/Stop Friday~

As you can see, the view is wonderful today. After the site failing yesterday, it was good to see. I moved into that full site editing on recommendation of the WP gods and it took the day to figure just a bit out. Bear with me I haven’t figured it all out needless to say. In any case here are a couple of F-Stop Friday photos.

f/20 1/50sec ISO-100 24mm lens

This is our yearly time for the poppies to start sprouting. In some areas the sprouting has begun already and finally we are getting a little bit of an orange coloring to the hills. It sure is a different view from when the fires were here a couple of years ago. Cross fingers we stay clear of that.

f/22 1/40sec ISO-100 24mm lens – Header Image –

I used a 24mm lens this time around on the R6. It is very light and easy to tow around. I don’t use it much because the nifty 50 seems to make it all happen on occasions when I want a lighter touch. Since I don’t use it much it purposely came out of the bag for this round of f/stops. I took a close up of a geranium leaf trying to survive. It’s nothing great of a subject but I was only a couple of inches away from it compared to above at f/stops close to each other.

f/22 1/40sec ISO-400 24mm lens

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Til next time.

Kathleen Jennette

Responses to “~24mm F/Stop Friday~”

  1. Lovely photos! Did WP tell you that they are retiring your old theme? I can’t find a replacement for my theme that works and that I like… This site looks great.

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    1. Yes. A notification was at the top of the administrators panel in my site. I can’t find one that I like either. That is why I moved to a self-editing theme. It is like rocket science to me and in beta which I can’t stand. I did get some of it done yesterday.

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      1. Are you working with the CSS? That’s fun, I enjoy it but haven’t done it in a long time. I with I had access to the PHP files too but we need to be self-hosted for that.

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        1. I think we have access to it depending on the WP tier bought. I’ve done it in the past. The only thing is we have to have the full site editing but with the block editor. That’s why I changed. The css is easy but the rest will be a hump. I used it on blogger so cross fingers I can do it still.

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          1. It will come back to you. I had a self-hosted blog years ago, it was nice to have access to those PHP files to make advanced changes.

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